Friday, October 30, 2009

The Billy Fury Challenge

This is the rough for the art for one of the most popular challenges in the game: The Billy Fury Challenge. Do you know who Billy Fury is? Probably not. You probably don't know any of his songs that are all over most karaoke books. Unless you're from the UK. I guess that's where karaoke tracks come from. Maybe they bundle Billy Fury songs in with the newer and more popular tracks. I don't know but the challenge doesn't have to be Billy Fury. I just like the sound of it.

So... slap a Billy Fury Challenge on yer friend and watch 'em try to muddle their way through some song they've never heard. I recommend Billy Fury songs for this and whatever you do don't use a rap song for this. It embarrasses everyone involved...yourself included.
And here he is with inks. Pretty soon we'll see an actual card prototype! You sweating? You will be. You will be.

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