Friday, October 30, 2009

Rules Rules Rules

Here they are kids, play tested and ready fer boozin'! Keep in mind that eventually there will be cards representing my favorite maneuvers and challenges available as a free pdf download. Due to my belief in remaining transparent you will get to see the drawings of each of the cards as they are conceptualized and in just a few months you will be able to challenge your friend to, for example, "Turn Back Time" with a maneuver for replacing you with Bob for three big points using a premade card...perfect for a noisy bar!

Making sense? No?


“Making Extroverts Go Too Far”
By Jared Gniewek
Get the most points by making the biggest ass of yourself while singin’.

1. A set number of rounds is agreed upon. Usually two or three depending on the size of the party.

2. Everybody sings. If you don't sing, I kill you myself.
Selecting your own song = 0 points.
Allowing a challenger to select your song = 2 points
A song which the challenger believes you have never heard = 3 points (this is commonly known as The Billy Fury Challenge).

3. You may rack up more points by using maneuvers. These are each worth 1 bonus point.
For a self selected song you may use up to three.
A challenger may amend their song choice for you with one of these as well. You may not adjust a challenged song with maneuvers unless it is part of the challenge (you may execute them but receive no bonus points).

Maneuvers include:
* Exchanging a common word in the lyrics with an amusing alternate. (examples include replacing “you” with “Bob” or “Rain” with “Nuts”)
* Dancing like an asshole. (this includes but is certainly not limited to “air guitaring” and stripping)
* Pretending to be the performer whose song you are singing.
*Perform a duet with yourself and using appropriately hilarious voices for each of the parts.
* Staying seated on a barstool while singing no matter what your friends do to try to get you to stand horseplay!
*Getting on the bar like it's that coyote movie place and belting out a real scorcher.
*Scream the number like you was a death metal singer. Yer a REAL dolphin now, so remember ta' use that blowhole!
* Go ahead and replace all instances of a consonant with another. I like replacing "t"s with "w"s but it's really up to you.

4. All points are subject to approval by the group or a neutral party. If the player adheres to the maneuvers and challenges before them with gusto that is usually sufficient for points. Don't be too much of a stickler... remember that it’s all in fun!

Note: These are a work in progress (as is everything on this site) and will be changing.

Further Note: If you send me your playtest diaries I'll probably post 'em. If you send me your hilarious pictures and videos of your buddies performing crazy challenges and maneuvers and I'll most likely post those too.

Oh...and if you hurt yourself or get kicked out of a bar because of this game you have only yourself to blame. Don't go playing coyote movie place up on the tables and shit if you don't know (and tip) your bartender. Be an ass not an asshole!

Now go fuck some dragons...with songs!

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