Monday, November 9, 2009

A Little Bette Midler with Middle School Dancin'

Photo by Alex Ferguson, DJ

We all did some play testing last night at my favorite karaoke spot, Botanica on East Houston Street. Their Sundays with Alex have been as near as church as I'll ever get for some time now and the OUTRAGEOUS moves and sounds of the singers was my inspiration for Scary-Oke.

This image is of my lovely girlfriend, Ann, after challenged to "Wind Beneath my Wings" (2 point challenge) with "like you're in middle school" (1 point maneuver). Her inflection was appropriately over-pronounced with each syllable stressed on every line and she had some wicked cool interpretive dance steps to go with each line. Then I joined her for an awkward middle school slow dance at the finish. She definitely earned her three points!

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