Thursday, February 11, 2010

The Lounge Lizard Maneuver

Thanks to Chris Irving from Graphic NYC fer recommending this classy maneuver. The lounge lizard. To rock this for one point you must act suave, debonair, classy, and most of all...smooth. Think Billy Dee Williams meets Bill Murray. It helps to have a scotch in your hand like Dean Martin. Croon your ass off. Over sing at any and all opportunities. Perhaps you could throw down a finger-pop pistol and holster move at an attractive lady who is clocking your hep sway daddy-o!


  1. Best. Jared Lizard. Ever. Good job, buddy!

  2. I really dug the white space, clean line, and gesture of said Lizard. The ascot is a fine, fine touch.

  3. Thanks guys!
    Ann drew in the ascot. I inked it. I'm still learning fabrics. Swords, horns, and fur I got!