Tuesday, March 2, 2010

There's a new rocket man in town...YOU!

Karaoke demands a strong dynamic performance. Scary-oke expects it. We all love William Shatner's renditions of popular standards and, with a little practice, you too can perform in a similar manner.

Remember to feel every word, over-enunciate questions syllabically and don't be afraid to change roles at different points in the number. In William Shatner's groundbreaking performance of Elton John and Bernie Taupin's classic "Rocket Man" he sings in three distinct roles: the cool breeze sophisticated orator, the saddened spaceman "out here...alone" and the rockin cool rocketman at the end who knows Mars is "cold as hell" but doesn't give two shits cuz he's hopped up on moondust.

Even Captain James T. Kirk's nemesis, Khan (as pictured above) can get into the act and I just know that you got it in ya'.

Feel free to try any song as Shatner. They all work but anything slower paced will enable more room for dramatically smoking cigarettes and awkwardly doing a herky jerky dance at the end. Might want to avoid "Common People" but...ah fuck it...we ALL own that one now!

Thanks this time to Chris Irving for the Shatner maneuver idea, and thanks to Ann Zakaluk for getting me drawing again. Love conquers the martians.

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