Saturday, September 25, 2010

Maneuver: Make a puppet and foist it!

Everybody loves a puppet. Everybody with a pulse. Just look at the history of politics and religion... Folks can't get enough of 'em. They love a good scapegoat too, but most karaoke bars prefer you leave those at home or in office. Scapegoats don't really rock out, they usually sit around feeling sorry for themselves and plotting revenge.

This manuever is for you to force the challengee to perform the challenged song as though it is the provided puppet performing. Have them really ham it up. It's best if the singer avoids making eye contact with the audience and lets the puppet do the performing. It's nice as a duet, though so whatever works.

Here's a puppet video from my youth that I found (and still find) more terrifying than the coming attractions for Troll. Though not by much.

Genesis - Land Of Confusion
Uploaded by amandaburr. - Explore more music videos.

Here's a well done puppet singer in action:

And here's the chilling coming attraction for Troll that left me hiding behind the couch until Amazing Stories came back on:

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