Saturday, December 18, 2010

I challenge you to be a lizard king

Guest Artist Allesandra Bolger (Thunderground Zine)

You can really make the Baby Boomers wince by doing any Doors song in any voice that is not the bearded fat drunk man's. This is counter to what makes the bearded fat drunk man an intriguing front man. His absolute lack of commitment to entertaining anyone but himself makes him, perhaps, a scary-oke player before its time. Indeed, if karaoke was popular in those stone ages we might never have seen a lizard king but perhaps an aging shaman still alive today and performing at karaoke bars up and down the West Coast.

Here's the legend:

Here's a pretty funny cover by the future selves of the band:

Of particular joy is the souless attempts to "channel" the bearded fat drunk man from the "other side" in the performance. The bearded fat drunk man, as narcissistic as he was, could still deliver a distinct vocal.

And here's a practice karaoke for you home viewers:

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